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  • JamesOwens225
    30 December, 2016 at 21:19
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    Do you teach young teens in preparation for the Trinity ISE-1 exam?

    I am hoping to start an online blogging project with some of my students in about 2 weeks time in the hope that they will continue to practice their English over the Christmas break.

    The students in question are between 12-14 and are studying towards the Trinity ISE-1 exam.

    My original intention is to allow them to communicate with other students aiming for the same exam in other cities around Spain, countries in Europe and with a bit of luck in other continents!

    Hence the reason for my post! I am seeking to establish a network of other teachers, teaching towards the same exam with the same age group to help trial this blog.

    If you are interested in this project please let me know so that I can send finalised details once the project is ready to commence. At this point you can tell me if you wish to or don’t wish to participate.

    My reasoning and a little more information is below:

    I currently work in Melilla, which for those that don’t know is a Spanish enclave in the north of Morocco, making it a unique place. It also has its drawbacks in that it is very difficult for my students to gain exposure to English let alone alternative opinions regarding ways to learn and practice their skills!

    The initial plan is simple, I hope to establish a blog that will allow students to converse in written and audio forms to practice their English whilst using the grammar of the level and acquire new perspectives about language learning.

    Should the blog be a success I then hope to continue it as a resource for the other conversation topics as a basis for warmers and energisers throughout the six months before the summer exams.

    Following this the blog (assuming success) can be reset for the following September allowing a longer and hopefully more beneficial programme of use.

    I am currently in the process of researching the safest, most efficient, most user friendly and effective way to launch the blog and would welcome any and all suggestions or past experiences.

    Many thanks in advance and thanks for reading!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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