Any Ideas for activities about ”work and study environment”?

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  • a9zo3
    27 May, 2021 at 13:29
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    I am teaching a class of 10-15 adults online, their level is somewhere around B+/C-. The way the school handles the lessons is by having a topic for each week, and two sessions each week one is main and the other is practice. This week’s topic is “work and study environment” I have done the main session and I think I have exhausted my options in that session. The practice session is supposed to be an extension of the main one where students get to have more talk time, but I think I have already given them enough opportunity to talk about the topic to the point that it might be dry now. So I would really appreciate if you have any ideas for activities about work and study environment where students learn vocabulary about it and some phrasal verbs.

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