Should I requalify to return to teaching?

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  • egg
    1 October, 2019 at 10:51
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    I qualified through an on-site 4 week TEFL course with Via Lingua in 2000. I barely taught in the year following, and not at all since. I am now thinking of returning to teaching (in the UK and online). I am trying to establish what my best course of action is being as I have so little experience and so long ago. In addition I don’t know how much oomph my TEFL certificate from Via Lingua has in the UK where I presume a CELTA or TESOL (and a degree, none of which I have) would vastly improve my employment opportunities.

    Quite obviously I would want to do at the very least a refresher course but here are my questions, any advice would be most gratefully received:

    1). Should I resit the entire TEFL course (I really remember very little), and, if so, is doing an online, with 20 hours weekend classroom session, really going to improve my chances of employment in the UK that much or do I need to accept my fate and fork out for CELTA?

    2). I can’t afford CELTA right now! Is there any known funding out there? I’m an extremely low waged, part time (sometimes no time!) 40 year old! If I could afford it I would certainly be doing the CELTA without question, I wonder whether doing online courses are a false economy?

    Many thanks

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