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I need help to finish this lesson plan! Please help me….

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  • Sungjin_Ian
    21 July, 2018 at 18:50
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    Hello, I’m Sungjin Oh from South Korea.
    This is my 2nd lesson plan and I have to resubmit it.
    Before submitting, I want you to check my plan file.
    If you do so, I’d like to really appreciate you….

    Class: PreIntermediate

    Language point: Present continuous tense which means an action in progress, at the time of speaking.

    Teaching aids: Laptop computer, Prezi(for the Engage phase), Handout(Worksheet) 1&2(One is for the Study phase and the other is for the Activate phase), Beam projector, Blackboard, Chalk

    Learner objectives: – Students will be able to learn the present continuous tense.
    – Students will be able to distinguish the difference between ‘Present simple tense’ and ‘Present continuous tense.’
    – Students will be able to use the tense that they will learn in their everyday life when talking to someone

    Personal aims: – Help the students build up their English grammar skills and understand the usage of this tense.
    – Give a lot of talking and participating time to the students.
    – MUST encourage students to obtain and advance this tense.
    – Make an active and interesting atmosphere in order that students can correctly study the contents that they will learn during the class.

    Anticipated problems for students: – Have a difficulty in using and advancing the tense.
    – Maybe get a confusion in distinguishing the difference between ‘Present simple’ and ‘Present continuous.’
    – During the class, some weaker students will have a difficulty in the Study phase, because this phase focuses on accuracy, not fluency.

    Solution: – Continuous practicing(drilling) and let students speak with their partners through lots of activities in class(mainly in Activate phase)
    – Let students participate the class actively so as to reduce their lack of confidence.
    – Make a group(divide students into groups of 4, placing the stronger and weaker together)

    Anticipated problems for teacher: – Students’ less participation
    – Some situations that cannot be controlled by teacher may occur.
    – It will be happened that teacher spend MORE than 60 mins.

    Solution: – Make sure that students get to keep focusing during the whole class.
    – Try not to spend MORE than one hour, and demonstrate whether it is over time or not, before the class.

    ENGAGE 1 / 3 Mins / T-S
    – Greeting
    – Check students’ attendance
    – Ask students whether they enjoyed their lunch
    – Seating arrangement in groups, dividing students into groups of 4)

    ENGAGE 2 / 3 Mins / T-S
    – Review what we learned in the previous class.
    – Give some questions to students, putting the screen on the prezi. ex) Do you like sports? Do you like playing STH?
    – Preview what we will learn in this class.

    STUDY 1 / 10 Mins / T-S
    – Explain the Present continuous tense(affirmative) and make students know it.
    – Let students know how and when to use this tense in real.
    – Give some questions to a student in each group, respectively
    ex) Where are you studying? What are you doing?
    What is your friend doing? / etc.

    STUDY 2 / 10 mins / T-S
    – Teach negative and question form students.
    – Compared to the Present simple tense, let students apply the Present continuous tense.
    – Then, show students lots of examples and let them repeat what the teacher says.
    ex) I ride a bicycle. – I am riding a bicycle.
    He eats some snacks. – He is eating some snacks
    I study English. – I am studying English / etc

    STUDY 3 / 10 Mins / S-S
    – Give out handout(worksheet) 1 and tell students to fill out the blanks with their partners.
    ex) There is a picture in each question, and below it, there is a sentence. I — (put) the key on the desk.
    – Encourage students to do this gap-fill activity with their group members.
    – While they doing the activity, teacher should monitor students’ activities, check the mistakes, and correct them if it is possible

    STUDY 4 / 3 Mins / S-S
    – Let students check the answer with other group members.

    STUDY 5 / 3 Mins / T-S
    – Give feedback about worksheet 1

    ACTIVATE 1 / 10 Mins / T-S
    – Give out handout(worksheet) 2 and explain how to do it.
    – Tell students to make some sentences(at least 3, group members, respectively) and make some stories using both Present simple and Present continuous

    ACTIVATE 2 / 5 Mins / S-S
    – Choose a student in each group, respectively.
    – A student called out by the teacher has to come and stand in front of the classroom, and present what his/her group members wrote

    ACTIVATE 3 / 3 Mins / T-S
    – Ask students whether they have some questions about the thing that they learned during the class.
    – Review what we learned.
    – Finish the class.

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