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  • Teachingdude
    11 June, 2009 at 0:03
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    Anyone who is thinking of applying to Global International in San Juan del Rio, Mexico, would be well advised to steer clear. They treat their staff with an utter lack of human respect and decency, and have lost several teachers over the last few months as a result. There are also other issues including trying to get teachers to work for free, bullying of young Mexican teachers by management and suspicions of taking money for visas but never actually applying for them.
    I was there from January to April 2009 with other teachers and we all left at the same time as we couldn’t bear working there any longer. Other teachers have also since left and I would not want any further people to be sucked into working for this awful school.
    David Pearce

    2 December, 2009 at 19:08
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    Reply To: Global International, Mexico

    I have to strongly agree with David. I wish they would stop recruiting innocent victims with huge lies and such obvious deceit. However, ***MOD EDIT*** the owner, has complete disrespect for all teachers and education. PLEASE STEER CLEAR OF THIS PLACE!!!!!!
    Kymberleigh Richards
    I fell prey to their lies in september 08

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