Experienced EFL teacher, IH qualified, where in Europe?

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  • em1995
    10 May, 2018 at 14:16
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    Hi guys,

    I’ve got 2 years experience, english degree, tefl and IHCYLT (debating doing CELTA too). I’ve worked in public schools, centers and tutored etc.

    I’ve just come back from Vietnam and loved it but now want to be in Europe for a couple of years.

    Please could I have some advice about where to go next? My much preferred teaching environment is in a center and I’d like to get at least $20 an hour if I can! I know the wages are a lot lower in Europe than in Asia but I’m hoping I can find somewhere for around this? Of course, if it’s not possible to get this as my basic wage then I’ll happily find some private lessons in the place I settle in.

    No preference on where in Europe just as long as it’s a sociable city and obviously if the living costs are lower (I’ve heard the Czech Republic is quite a good place?) then that’s a bonus.

    Any advice would be SO helpful because right now I’m googling schools all over the place and feeling very clueless about which direction to go in etc.

    Thanks so much!

    13 May, 2018 at 7:10
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    [quote]I’d like to get at least $20 an hour if I can[/quote]
    I think that will be hard to find with a language school in Europe. This kind of rate is possible with private work though. In France, for example, the rate for private classes is between 20 and 30 euros, depending on where you are. Mos teachers in France build up work gradually from a variety of sources – a few hours with a language school here, some private classes there, a bit of university work (which can pay more like 40 or 50 euros, but takes time and word of mouth to get in to). So I would maybe base your choice on where the possibilities for private work are high (some Googling should tell you where to avoid for this).

    Hope this helps?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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