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ESL Job scam from Ankara, Turkey.

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  • Caspian
    12 March, 2017 at 10:14
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    There is a woman trolling this ESL site asking teachers to come work for her and her family in Ankara, Turkey. A Mrs. Auroa Carlwall. with this Gmail:auroracarlwall@gmail.com, Offering a large salary and then trying to get passport particulars and Western Union monies out of teachers through her ‘Barrister’ deangherson@outlook.com – She is also using someone’s picture and operating a scam on: https://housekeeper.com/housemaid-needed-urgently-housekeeper-job-alexander-mb Please be wary of such emails, they are a scam and you as a prospective teacher are urged to stay away from them and not engage them. Stay Safe!!!

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