ESL employment in Milan, Italy.

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  • MarielAzoubel
    31 May, 2013 at 2:02
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    Hi All,
    I’ve been contacted by an ESL school in Italy through for a job opening they’d like to fill.

    It’s a regular ESL teaching job, by all apparent means, but being the scardy-cat I am I thought it’d be wise to get some more info on them and teaching in Italy, in general. The school’s called Connor Language Services, and according to their website it’s a language institute in Milan that also provides English for specific purposes coaching, besides regular courses.

    I’m not a native speaker but have acquired my familiarity with the language due to a period of time living in the US as a kid. I also don’t have any teaching certificates, just a CPE and experience as a teacher here in Brazil, where my husband and I are currently based.

    Having heard that the market’s pretty competitive, especially when it comes to being certified and a native speaker (both qualities which I do not possess), I was quite surprised having been called for an interview – and even more so when I was told that the job description also included (partial) airfare reimbursement and that they’d be willing to arrange for a visa for my husband as well.

    Anyways, I’d just like to hear from anyone if they’ve had any prior contact with this specific school or if the case specifics seem well within the range of normality. I appreciate everyone’s help in advance and sorry for the long post!

    12 June, 2013 at 11:34
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    Reply To: ESL employment in Milan, Italy.

    From what I can tell the school appears to be legitimate. There’s nothing on the website that would make me think otherwise.

    It does look like they follow their own methodology and courseboks that they’ve developed. If it’s the case that they expect teachers to follow these books rigidly (I haven’t checked that this is the case, I’m just hypothesisiing) then this could be a reason for recruitment criteria being more "relaxed" than is the norm – in my experience this is often the case with such schools.

    Hope that helps?

    12 June, 2013 at 12:37
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    Reply To: ESL employment in Milan, Italy.

    Of course it could well be legitimate but I’m just wondering why a school in Italy would contact someone outside Europe for a job when it would mean a lot of hassle for the school to organise a visa and so on.

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