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  • Keith Taylor
    28 March, 2010 at 12:13
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    Adverts have recently been posted by "English for All". Here’s an example:

    [quote]E4A teaching staff in all locations can expect the following benefits:
    * Competitive teaching salary($4000-5000)
    * Full visa support
    * Housing assistance/allowance
    * Vacation days in addition to public holidays
    * Health insurance incl emergency evacuation

    apply: english4all.biz.nf/apply.html

    Warning signs:

    1. $4000-5000 salary is unheard of
    2. The .nf domain name is for Norfolk Island – why does the company have a Norfolk Island domain name?
    3. If you have a look at their website as quoted in the advert above, you’ll see the following paragraph on their homepage:

    [quote]Imagine living and working in the world’s fastest growing economy where over one billion people want to know what you know. Working with EF, China’s largest and most recognized English language training provider, you will be training current and future leaders of China.[/quote]

    "EF"?? Surely they mean "English for All"… Or could it be that they have just taken this paragraph (and the photo above it) from the EF website at http://www.englishfirst.com/trt/

    This scam is not a very sophisticated one for the above reasons, and is a good example of the kind of things to always look out for.

    Mr. G
    8 January, 2011 at 8:48
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    Just a note on "EF". I don’t know if I saw it here in another post, or if I was told by another teacher, but EF is a "Franchise" organization–at least that is my intell. Some schools are good, others are to be avoided. So each owner/Headmaster is independant of other EF schools.

    14 February, 2011 at 22:25
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    EF posts without the EF logos can be cons so beware. EF Schools are sometimes bad places to work for. Check reviews on the places in China. EF Rizhao is one of schools that don’t follow procedures.

    Rachel Wells
    11 July, 2011 at 2:21
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    so you have to look up every one before tyou try to work their? :?:

    28 August, 2011 at 14:47
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    [quote]so you have to look up every one before tyou try to work their?[/quote]
    Yes, and there, too.

    30 December, 2011 at 2:42
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    My word I’ve got to stop reading all of these or I’ll never get out there teaching! Scary stuff

    big bird
    29 May, 2013 at 14:22
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    This is a scam – without a doubt. They are just riding on the coat tails of English First

    Red Cloud
    15 July, 2015 at 21:38
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    Be very careful about putting your name on any work contract in China.
    Ask these questions:
    1. Is the school or employer legally authorized by the Chinese government to employ foreigners?
    2. If the contract is for 12 months will you receive 12 months of pay? (Make sure it is written in the contract and addendums clearly)
    3. What is the pay increase if I sign a new contract for second year? (20 to 30 % should be their answer and needs to be in black and white)
    4. Do I get a 30 day period that I can break the contract if I don’t like the job or find the job was misrepresented to me?
    5. How many hours and days will you have to work?
    6. Will you have to travel from one teaching location to another to do your job? (If so you need to ask for more money)
    7. What are the sizes of the classes and level of the students? (Over 50 student in a class ask for more money, if you teach writing ask for more)
    8. Pay how much before and after tax? (Get a receipt from your employer saying how much you paid in tax and date and to whom it was paid too)
    9. Z visa is needed to work in china legally or a green card. (Do not let any recruiter or foreign department or visa service tell you anything different. Note to all foreigners if you get caught working inside China without the correct visa you pay the price and suffer the burden of any punishment. (The visa cost should be totally covered/reimbursed by the employer.)
    10. Medical work exam is needed to work in china along with the Z visa. (The visa cost should be totally covered/reimbursed by the employer.)
    11. Salary and nationality has everything to do with level of degree; Associate, Bachelors, Masters, PhD. MBA. (Don’t be shy to ask for more. Native English speaking countries, countries that English is the second or third language are paid less)
    12. Getting reimbursed, (Most all contract will want you to wait to about the end of the contract, this can become problematic; you might hear when you ask is that’s to old we can’t pay it now, the cost has changed, the government has changed the law so we can’t pay that now, we have the right to change the contract ect………
    13. Teacher’s dorm single person how many rooms? 24 hour reasonable Heat and air? High speed internet? Cable? TV that works? Cooking stove? Pots and pans? Plate blows knives, forks, spoons, whatever else you might need, size of the refrigerator? Micro wave, Toaster oven? Phone local calls free? Computer up to date and with English programs (Most all will be bootleg illegals) Furniture? 24 hour electricity? (Many employers will tell you under new Chinese law you must pay a deposit and monthly fee not true at all you are being cheated, the employer covers all of this cost if they say they won’t ask for more money or walk away.)
    14. Extra work? (Many employers will put in the contract that you must hold English corners, attend English contest as a judge, stay in your office when not in class, or words that will mean they can have you do most anything they wish you to do and call it part of your job.)
    15. No complete clause? (Most all employers will put in the contract that you cannot have or work any side jobs in your free time, you can ask them to remove this clause.)
    16. Round trip air fair at completion of the contract or a cash amount for not leaving the country? (Most employers will want an itinerary as proof. And many will want to buy the ticket for you, look out for this you might spend a week in layovers traveling so they save money. And they might only want to pay from China to your point of entrance into your country and then you are burden the cost to your door step.) Negotiate from China to my place of residence and make sure it is worded this way.
    17. During the two semesters you should get 1,200 RMB travel money at the end of the semester and before the holiday starts, this is the same for the second semester.
    18. Class room and equipment; will the class room have a usable chalk board or white board? Computer with internet in English? Projector that connected to the computer? Is the class room large enough for the amount of students?
    19. Breach clause? Is always in favor of the Chinese so watch out for this ask that it be neutral or same for party A and party B.)
    20. Will you want to hold my passport or visa and foreign certificate? (Never let them keep them they have no legal right too, most schools that want to do this is because they have foreigners during the midnight run when they find out that they were cheated.)
    21. Ask about posting grades or grading papers. (This can be a problem if you can’t read Chinese and very time consuming.)
    22. Ask about teaching materials and class rosters and when would you receive them. (It is not uncommon to get them one day before you teach.)
    23. Contract language authority? (Don’t be surprised that they tell you and write in the contract, that the Chinese words is dominate and final for all interpretations of the contract, not the English words. So you may need a very good translator or change that clause.)
    24. Ask for the time to contact the past foreign teachers and ask for their emails so you can do this. (If they are honorable they should have no reason not to give you this time and information.)
    25. Ask the school about taking you to get registered at the local police station must be done within 30 days.
    26. Ask them to remove or clarify any ambiguity.
    Now don’t be surprised if they don’t want to negotiate any part of it.

    Personal note: Chinese will promise you many things with the intention of never delivering them, they call this being

    Chinese will not come right out and tell you things, never direct.

    Chinese if they don’t want to give you a job they will make all kinds of excuses and stall you hoping you go that you get the hint and go away.
    Chinese will stand with Chinese or risk being called or labeled a traitor.

    It is up to you to protect yourself from being cheated, foreigners inside China are most likely not going to help
    you or complain in fear of losing their job. Only by talking to each other and sharing or experience and
    information can we help each other.

    3 November, 2017 at 2:45
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    Believe it or not this scam is still going on but they have changed their names twice, or rather I should say, started marketing under two new names. You can get the details at http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral or at scam.com here https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?704467-UPDATED-China-Liars-List-ESL-TEFL-Teacher-Job-Scams-Internships-Exporters-etc-BLACKLIST

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