Employer claiming to be St Gilgen International School

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  • Keith Taylor
    12 December, 2014 at 11:11
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    The following advert was posted for St Gilgen International School in Austria:

    [quote]Job benefits include return air ticket,accommodation assistance,health insurance,21 days paid holidays,visa assistance, monthly tax-free salary- 2700 Euro and contract completion bonus.
    Working days are Monday to Friday.This full time position has a work load of
    25 hours weekly and a class size of 17 students per class.

    One year contract starts from the 12th of January 2015 and ends on the 10th
    of January 2016.(contract is renewable).


    The scammer has created an almost identical copy of the real website of the school:

    Scammer’s site: http://stgilgenintlschool.com/
    Genuine school site: http://www.stgis.at/

    The salary of 2700 euros a month tax-free is another warning sign.

    The scammer also requests a reimbursable upfront payment of 2000 euros to "protect the school".

    Here’s an email recevied by one applicant requesting this upfront payment:

    [quote]Dear _____,

    Thanks for your prompt response!

    We understand your doubts,it is quite normal.We are so sorry
    that you have been scammed in the past.Be reassured that there there
    is no room for such ill practices here in St. Gilgen due to high security
    network.Also,St. Gilgen International School is a reputable firm that maintains its standards at every level.If you decide to reject the contract after payment for any reason, your money must surely be refunded,though ten percent of the total amount may be deducted for paper works.

    As we are approaching the end of the year,and the Christmas holiday has
    already commenced.We are unable to receive direct bank transfers,as
    our Auditors are already busy with the end of year audits. An attempt to wire funds directly to our banks at this time of the year could cause much delay in the visa process(if required) and other formalities.As a result of such delay,your arrival deadline and job commencement must surely be affected

    In order to speed up the entire process and eliminate delay you are advised to send the guarantee deposit through MONEYGRAM TRANSFER ,as it is one of the most reliable,efficient and secured means of receiving money here in St.Gilgen,Austria.

    While we wait patiently for the signed contract, kindly address the payment to the School Barrister who will be taking care of the paper works through out the entire process.

    Please be notified that the process of securing the necessary papers for your arrival and job commencement may take up to 25 working days,a lot of paper work is involved.This is why we need to be extremely sure of your agreement prior to spending our time,energy and money to acquire the necessary papers for you.

    Below is the Barrister’s name:

    RECEIVER’S NAME: Ekeh Godian
    Address:St. Gilgen International School,Ischlerstrasse 13 ,St. Gilgen, Austria.

    Other travel arrangements will be disclosed to you later,precisely
    after registering your name at the Austrian Education Authority.This
    registration will be done upon receipt of the required fees.

    Once more, as soon as your payment is confirmed,we shall reserve
    your accommodation,register your name at the office of the
    Austrian Education Authority and proceed with further preparations
    for your arrival.The School Barrister will also issue you a properly
    endorsed receipt as proof of payment.

    .. Kindly send the transfer details to this
    email address: info@stgilgenintlschool.com

    NB: Do not forget to scan and attach a copy of the payment
    slip/receipt,it will to be kept in your record for future reference.
    Please keep the original copy of the payment receipt in a safe place,
    it will be needed during the time of reimbursement.

    You are expected to arrive between the 19th and 20th of February in order
    to attend the orientation program.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,

    18 December, 2014 at 12:24
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    Reply To: Employer claiming to be St Gilgen International School

    Thank you for the information. I applied for the same job and went through the whole process and sent in my resume and copy of degrees. I even got a call for an interview and the call came from the St Gilgen school number and i did some research and found out that scammers spoof telephone numbers and hide the number they are calling from and on my phone i see the real school number. I am waiting for the call at 2pm for that so called interview.

    19 December, 2014 at 20:14
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    Reply To: Employer claiming to be St Gilgen International School

    "The following advert was posted for St Gilgen International School in Austria."

    Where was this advert posted? Is it a secret or have I missed something?

    Keith Taylor
    20 December, 2014 at 18:59
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    Reply To: Employer claiming to be St Gilgen International School

    It was posted on Eslbase, and maybe elsewhere, I don’t know.

    26 March, 2015 at 14:36
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    Reply To: Employer claiming to be St Gilgen International School

    I also applied to this job, went through the entire process, sent my degrees, CV and even received two phone calls supposedly from the school. As soon as I was informed that I had to deposit 2000 euros in some bank account in a foreign country I knew something was up. Their email domain is based somewhere in India and they were asking for a deposit in a Scandinavian Bank. The man that spoke to me had a very heavy German accent and pretended to be talking to the secretary e.g he even said: Tanja can you bring me her file? It seemed very real. Anyway, when I called the actual School they informed me that knew about this problem and that they had not contacted me via phone.
    I found the ad on the Indeed Austria website. I hope this helped someone out there!

    Keith Taylor
    8 April, 2015 at 18:37
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    Reply To: Employer claiming to be St Gilgen International School

    Received by email:

    I was a "victim" of a scam by someone posing as St Gilgen International School. I found the job opening on Indeed Austria and they were looking for an ESL teacher. I went through written and phone interviews and they called me using the actual phone number at St Gilgen’s. Once I got an email that I had to deposit 2000 euros in a bank account in either Sweden or FInland (I cant recall) I knew something was wrong. So I had someone look into it and he found the email domain was based in Mumbai India. The email was different than that on the official website. The one used by the scam is info@stgilgenintlschool.com but the original is @sgis.at I hope this has helped and something can be done about it.

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