Employer claiming to be Sprakeschool in Zaragoza, Spain

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  • Keith Taylor
    16 May, 2018 at 8:08
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    A scammer is using the name of Sprake School to post fake job adverts on TEFL jobs sites. The owner of the school reports that the scammer has engaged in identity theft to do this, and is conning teachers into paying deposits for visas, flats and travel expenses for a non-existent job.

    The scammer also appears to be enticing non-EU citizens with the promise of an easy route in to working in the EU and obtaining a visa.

    If you see an advert for Sprake School on a TEFL jobs site, please be aware of this, and note the warning the Sprake School has published on their site:

    [quote]We are not hiring through other websites, we are victims of an internet scam. Contact us only through this webpage.[/quote]

    The website for the real Sprake School in Zaragoza is http://www.sprakeschool.es/.

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