Employer claiming to be Ecole Active Bilingue J Manuel

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  • Keith Taylor
    5 December, 2010 at 18:47
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    We received an email from a teacher who had a job offer from someone claiming to be the Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel in Paris.

    The job offer has the following warning signs:

    1. They offered the job without an interview.
    2. They requested money for accommodation via Western Union.
    3. Not only should the successful applicant send money, but he/she is "advised to tell the western union agents that you are sending the money to your relative/friend in Malaga Spain" (see email transcript below).
    4. They stated that the teacher must not call them!
    5. The telephone/fax number and email address do not correspond with those on the EABJM website, http://www.eabjm.org.

    Here’s the email the teacher received:

    [quote]Dear ***,

    This is to inform you that you have been finally selected to work with us.Our recruitment/employment procedure this year does not require a phone interview.That is why we selected only the candidates with the best qualifications.

    A detailed work contract is attached to this email.Fill your name and other necessary information carefully and
    sign at the space provided below.Please print out the contract,then sign,scan,attach and return the signed contract to this email address.At no.4 of employee’s personal information,you will see CONTRACT PERIOD,just fill 24th January 2011 to 24th January 2012.

    Please be informed that you are expected to arrive on the 21st of January in order to attend the orientation programe prior to job commencement.

    As stated in the Contract,you are advised to send the necessary payments to our international office in Spain

    Kindly send the money through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.Receiver’s name: SUSAN EDWARD(She is incharge of finance),Address:EABJM international Bureau,Urb. El Angel, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella,Málaga, Spain,.

    Kindly send the transfer details to: ecoleactivebilinguejm@rediffmail.com. As soon as the finance department in Spain confirms your payment,we shall reserve your accomodation and commence the processing of your travelling and working documents.Only non EU’s are advised to send both the accomodation reservation fee and the visa processing fee.EU’s are expected to send only the accomodation reservation fee.

    For some good reasons,you are advised to tell the western union agents that you are sending the money to your relative/friend in Malaga Spain.If they know that you are sending the money to a school/organisation,the transfer fee will be very costly on your side.A certain amount will also be deducted from the sum when the money gets here.In order to avoid these extra costs both on your side and ours,simply tell the WU agent that the money is being sent to a relative/friend.

    Kindly send your signed contract and the transfer details to this email address: ecoleactivebilinguejm@rediffmail.com,dont forget to write ”ATTENTION FINANCE” in the subject column.

    For special inquiries/questions,please send email toinfo@eabjeanninemanuel.org.

    NB: At your leisure,do not forget to scan and attach a copy of the payment slip/receipt that was issued to you after the payment at the WESTERN UNION OFFICE.It has to be kept in your record for future reference.


    Hope to see you soon.

    Shirley Burchill. [/quote]

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