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Do you want to teach in China,NOW?

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  • kyle
    7 June, 2016 at 15:03
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    “Do you want to teach in China?”.Assuming many of you has been asked with this question for many times. But do you want to teach in Chna,now?
    Why now,how is now different from the past concerning teaching?
    To answer this question,let’s take a look at form and two numbers.
    1 http://www.gov.cn/zhengce/content/2016-02/23/content_5045277.htm
    This executive order issued by the state department of peoples republic of China has lifted the restriction on employing foreign citizens as foreign experts for all educational organizations,which means any organization registered by the MOE(ministry of education of China) are entitle to hire foreign citizens as teachers.
    2 Until 2015,Statistics shows there are more than 800,000 educational entities registered under the MOE and in the meantime,just more than 240,000 foreign citizens resident in China with work visas.
    Anicent China was pretty self-reliant until the opium war in 1860,when Chinese wood-made warships were shattered by those made of iron sailing from the west.Since then, ‘being closed to the outside world means being fallen behind’ has become the apothegm for generations to come.Finally,by it’s devotion and resolve ,China has become the second largest economy in world,and began to set its eyes on the global stage.Another tradition saying goes ‘Learn from the foreign to address the foreign’,that means,intead of closeing in ,Chinese people will continue to learn from the west,technology,scientific theory,culture,above all this,at the very basic,language.
    Foreign teachers frequently become the faces of schools.blond hair,blue eyes,white or black-skins appear on magazines ,advertisements and websites.Even a amateurish school owner knows a blond-haired can draw many parents and students.
    To sum up,the new policy,two numbers(the number of foreign expats,the numbers Chinese schools) and the mindset of Chinese people ,altogether,tels us the answer to the question brought about at the beginning of this article. Now is different,ever since the new policy has been put in place,assuming every school would employ 1 teacher on average.
    There will be more 500,000 teachers in short(it’s a conservative prediction despite the Chinese government has lift one-child policy and currently raiseing up the qualification standard for foreign experts).Not only do these lead to a sky-rocketing in the salary of native-English speakers,buy also open a window for those who aren’t native-English speaker,but want to make a living in China.
    For years ,non English-native teachers has suffered to find ESL jobs in China.Racism,discrimination are common practice in ESL industry,however,Spencer Hazel, a research fellow at The University of Nottingham points out important things to know about someone who might be your English teacher.

    * Do they understand the challenges you face in learning English and can they help you overcome them?
    * Do they have the patience, knowledge and passion to guide you along your language learning journey?
    * Will they make your learning enjoyable, relevant and meaningful?Are they able to help you reach your learning goals?
    * Do they prepare to grade their language to the level of the students .This means getting rid of those metaphors, colloquialisms and other language that will do nothing but confuse and complicate learners.

    None of which related to one’s nature of a language,so non-native English speaker have as much shot as native speaker in this regard.
    “But how would people know that I am a qualified teacher,who makes class full of joy and myself easy to understand if my cv with my identity is constantly rejected by prejudicial employer”
    There is no better way than a demo presentation.
    Here are some tips :
    Moreover,some may find it difficult to find a website to upload the video they made,for Google,dropbox,YouTube are banned by the internet censorship .In light of that,antaid has developed multimedia cv to help job seeker to demonstrate their unique English and teaching skills.By following steps below,you will create your exclusive multimedia online cv。
    In brief,in a dynamic society like China,we expect everything can happen.After the lifting of one-child policy and the restriction of employing foreign citizens,we prepare to witness a surge in the demand of foreign teachers,native speaker alone can never fill that cap.Therefor non-native teachers will be ablt have more opportunities to live up their dreams.
    Do you want to teach in China,NOW?If you do want to teach in China,but are you ready?

    8 June, 2016 at 12:34
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    Great motivational post and China surely needs more native English speaking ESL teachers right now for sure. But before newbie teachers rush to send off their resumes they should be aware of all the scams that now target foreigners wanting to work or intern in China. Therefore we urge all the viewers to proceed with caution and do nothing until your read the below links. By doing so you will avoid the identity thieves and 37 other scams that claim over 12,000 teacher victims every year.


    Welcome to China but do not use the reusable plastic chopsticks you see in restaurants. Ask for the wooden take out sticks. China has a hepatitis epidemic that is their best kept secret.

    Before accepting any teaching job in China, please visit http://www.ChinaScamBusters.com Know Before You Go and get a free copy of China’s labor laws from the CFTU (Just request by email)

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