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Difference Between "Note" and "Notice"

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  • jack705
    29 March, 2010 at 14:53
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    What is the difference between "note" and "notice"?

    Did you note that person wearing dark shirt?

    I noticed something odd in his personality

    I am confused about the difference between the two.

    29 March, 2010 at 15:11
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    Reply To: Difference Between "Note" and "Notice"

    I think it depends on the context. In your example…

    Did you note that person wearing the dark shirt?

    …you could replace "note" with "notice" and the meaning in both cases would be "perceive" or "be aware of". I think "notice" would be much more commonly used in spoken English though.

    In your second example…

    I noticed something odd in his personality

    …"noticed" again has the meaning of "perceive" or "be aware of". In this case though, replacing it with "noted" for me changes the meaning slightly. Not only did you "perceive" something odd, but you went a step further and made a mental "note" to yourself to remember this.

    However, in certain contexts we could also imagine this extra meaning with "notice", in which case the two would become interchangeable again and it would come down, once again, to which is in more common usage!

    Hope that helps, Dan

    31 March, 2010 at 4:54
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    Thank you Dan for your quick reply making the meanings of the two clear and explained. Many thanks indeed!

    28 July, 2010 at 8:10
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    Reply To: Difference Between "Note" and "Notice"

    1.A mark of some quality, condition, or fact; distinguishing or characteristic feature, mood, tone, etc.: a note of sadness
    2. importance, distinction, or eminence: a person of note
    a. a brief statement of a fact, experience, etc. written down for review, as an aid to memory, or to inform someone else; memorandum
    b.a record of experiences, etc.: the notes of a journey

    4.a comment, explanation, or elucidation, as at the foot of a page; annotation.
    1.The act of noting, remarking, or observing; observation by the senses or intellect; cognizance; note.
    2.To show that one has observed; to take public note of; remark upon; to make comments on; to refer to; as, to notice a book.
    3.A writing communicating information or warning.
    4.An announcement, often accompanied by comments or remarks; as, book notices; theatrical notices.
    5.To observe; to see to mark; to take note of; to heed; to pay attention to.

    28 July, 2010 at 21:42
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    Reply To: Difference Between "Note" and "Notice"

    To make a note
    A note of pride in his voice
    The monkey is my favorite note.
    No any note in his speech
    Note her lips! I already noticed them. They are really beautiful.
    Who has written that notice?
    Not me.

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