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Cost of English language courses in Vietnam

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  • wjd61
    14 March, 2015 at 19:17
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    Greetings! I have a friend in Hue, Vietnam who is 27 years old and she said she needed $200 USD per month for English lessens. She said the classes took place 3 times per week. I believed her and sent her the money for 3 months. After talking to someone else about it, they said that my friend is taking advantage of me. I inquired of my Vietnamese friend about the name of the school she goes to but she did not reply. Fortunately, today she said she is not going to take any more English classes and I don’t need to send any more money. Does anyone else think I was being taken advantage of or are there really ESL classes in Hue, Vietnam that cost the students $200 USD per month?

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