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China Foreign Teachers Beware Of Sales People Using Chinglish Names = Scam!

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    8 July, 2015 at 12:41
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    Do you know what Lucy Li, Ray Gao, Walter Wu, Kathy Zhang, and Robert Chen all have in common? Cute Chinglish names that make them unable to trace by the police in case you get swindled! I subscribe to a monthly newsletter from the China Scam Patrol and in their last survey they found than 96% of all Chinese scams that target foreigners, they used Chinglish names, as well as disposable email and mobile phone numbers.

    They also pointed out that 98% of all online ads in China that are in English ask you to call or email someone with a Chinglish name. Let’s be real… All these Chinglish names are simply fabrications. So if you are going to do any business in China that requires you to collect wages or a salary from Chinese employers, or requires you to pay any money to a Chinese, be damn sure you ask to see their original plastic national ID card, and not a copy that they could have photo-shopped. YOU copy the front and back of the card and if you ever do have a problem, the police will be able to find them quicker than you can fart.

    1 July, 2017 at 13:41
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    I totally agree with this advice and have personally been ripped off by people in China whose real names are always kept secret so you nor the Chinese police can ever find them – mostly China job agents and recruiters who charge fees or deposits, and then disappear. There are 1.5 billion people in China and they all have birth certiifcates and national ID cards with a legal name that is 100% Chinese. When someone tells you they are “Ben Chen”, or “Lisa Zhang”, there is no such person because they FABRICATED this name which can not be used to buy property, get a drivers license, or a professional buisness license. If you think about it, you acn have any name printed on a business card and that is exactly what they do in China. Hundreds of people have reported being scammed at scam.com and http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral by Chinese mend an women using MANY different aliases – all using Chinglish names. This woman was famous 5 years ago for cheating over 1,000 expat teachers in China and eventually went to jail for it. She was not arrested for years because the Chinese cops could not find here real name. http://www.realscam.com/f51/rebecca-tang-still-swindling-tefl-teachers-china-foreignexpats-com-8-alias-companies-4817/

    Don’t get ripped off working in China. Check out http://reddit.com/r/eslscams

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