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CELTA and teaching kids

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  • dav_58
    12 July, 2008 at 16:24
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    I’m planning on doing a CELTA course this autumn but would also like to teach kids as well as adults. Does this mean that i need to do a seperate course to teach kids as the CELTA is geared towards adults!?

    Any help would be grateful!



    16 July, 2008 at 20:11
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    Hi Dave

    The CELTA is geared towards teaching adults, but many of the concepts and ideas can also be applied to teaching kids – the two are certainly not mutually exclusive. (Some courses also include a very brief session on teaching kids too.)

    So, with the CELTA, the vast majority of employers will consider you suitably qualified to teach both adults and children.

    Having said that, something like the Young Learners Extension to the CELTA can’t hurt of course! It concentrates on methodology and ideas particularly suited for kids and so of course is a welcome addition to your CV, as you’ll learn some very practical things for kids that you don’t learn on the CELTA.

    Remember though that if you don’t do a specific kids qualification, you’ll pick up a lot as you start teaching – from your own ideas, form other teachers, from books, from workshops from your Director of Studies maybe, from trial and error…

    Good luck, Dan

    5 January, 2015 at 14:42
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    Hi all,

    Sorry to dig up an ancient thread like this, but better than creating a new one. Does Dan’s comment from 6 years ago about the vast majority of employers accepting CELTA as a qualification to teach all ages still count?

    There only seems to be one school that offers the YL extension here in the UK. They are doing the course again in July, but the dates don’t work well for me.

    Many thanks in advance for your replies.


    9 February, 2015 at 10:45
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    Reply To: Do i Need both Course!?

    Hi Matthew

    Yep, my comment still stands!


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