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  • tantheman
    28 July, 2009 at 10:36
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    Well below is my personal statement that i have been requested to hand in alongside my CELTA application form. I would really kindly appreciate your views on its suitability/content, as i have been told a lot hinges on this document. It should be limited to 400 words which i have achieved…so i would just like to know if you think it is any good, and oh yeah if you can spot any mistakes grammar etc thanks.

    Personal Statement

    I must admit, I chuckled to myself quietly for a short moment knowing that I was intending to start a career path to becoming a teacher. I reflected back on my days spent in school, a time where most students would view teachers as the enemy, a being created only to cause chaos and stress to our carefree and naive existence.

    However, irrespective of this earlier concreted belief, I found myself becoming increasingly inspired by teaching. Even during school, a contradiction in the form of an English teacher, Mr. Grigg, would cause students to question our philosophy. Mr. Grigg would routinely fascinate and engross his captive audience during his lessons. Using a potent cocktail of humour, passion and innovative lesson planning, students would leave the class secretly looking forward to their next instalment of English.

    It was this introduction to successful teaching that formed my working ethos, an ethos I have tried to emulate throughout my professional career.

    My main experience of teaching was gained whilst Senior Manager at Guard Security. One of my responsibilities was to design and implement a four day training course for new recruits. The course consisted of a vast amount of text book learning, and proved to be a tedious affair at the best of times. I succeeded in trying to achieve an informative, thought provoking course that consistently drew input from those enrolled.

    I developed the skill to tailor my teaching methods based upon the aptitude of those learning. Most importantly recognising the signs of individuals who were struggling with the content of the course. I effectively addressed their confusion without causing embarrassment, nor lessening positions amongst peers.

    The course proved to be a great inspiration to me, and consequently, I realised that immense pleasure and satisfaction could be achieved from effective teaching.

    Having been fortunate enough to teach in a formal environment, I have also taught English in slightly more personal surroundings. Fluent in the Urdu language, and a member of a multinational family, my confident personality routinely has me translating and explaining English to family and friends.

    With the possibility of relocating to Egypt, a country where CELTA qualified Teachers are in great demand, coupled with the rewarding experiences I have gained whilst Teaching. I believe I will prove to be an excellent student. Punctual, professional and experienced in managing my time efficiently, I hope that my desire to enrol on the CELTA course at Coleg Glan Hafren is obvious and my ambition is realised.

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