Can a PhD earn 50K in the US?

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  • Lewis
    18 January, 2017 at 19:55
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    I welcome advice on a new position.

    My current position is:

    – teaching ESL 60%
    – DSO 30% (designated school official)
    – New student interviews and some program (IELTS/GMAT class) coordination 10%

    I earn 42K annually and would like:
    – stay in USA if possible
    – see an upward tick in income
    – reduce my DSO role (use my mind more)
    – continue teaching – open to additional
    role (quantitative analysis?)
    – optional: reasonable cost of living or less snow

    My profile:
    – 9 years ESL
    – Ph.D. in Education Policy
    – 1 publication (Ed. Policy)
    – Skilled in quantitative analsis (SAS / SPSS)
    – Peer Reviewer for multiple journals
    – 2 articles in progress (not published)

    Are there schools where my PhD is highly
    valued even if it is not linguistics etc?

    Where should I apply? What skill should
    I emphasize or develop?

    Are my career goals realistic or a moonshot?

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