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  • Arkay
    12 April, 2012 at 2:01
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    I am South African and very interested in teaching in Vietnam. As far as I can gather from most sites that I have visited on the internet, I meet most of the necessary requirements(I have a degree in Youth work and just completed an Honours degree in Psychology- no TEFL though, but looking to do one).

    The problem I face is that my criminal background check would not be clean as I pleaded guilty to three DUI charges in 2008, 2010 and 2011 (The last of these offences were committed in 2010, but the court procedures dragged on a bit). These offences were due to plain stupidity on my part and the result of losing my way in life a bit. I have however gotten my life back on track and would like to fulfil my dream of working abroad. According to South African law, I will only be able to have these offences expunged in ten years time as DUI is viewed as a criminal and not only a driving offence. I have made mistakes in my past and have paid dearly for them. I do however believe that they shouldn’t determine my future. In all three cases there were fines involved which have been paid in full.

    What would be my chances of obtaining a visa/work permit to be able to teach or work? According to some sites I wouldn’t have a chance at all, while others state that as long as it isn’t drug- or sexual offence related it wouldn’t be a problem. I know that Vietnam requires a criminal background check, but according to the person I spoke to at the Vietnamese embassy in SA my offences wouldnt automatically disqualify me.

    What would be my chances of finding employment and obtaining a work permit or business visa?

    Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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