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    19 May, 2016 at 10:47
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    Hello, very new to the site and wanted to share this. I applied for a job on a different site for a job teaching in Ghana. They set up a skype interview and during the interview the man had said that job is taken but there is a job opening in Cameroon. I thought about it. I am adventurous by nature. This same scam seems to have been talked about on this same forum before. They said they will pay $1000/week net pay.

    This same job is now being advertised so beware!! They told me that I had to pay three months rent in advance in order to live in Cameroon. Was pressured very hard to sign. Oh, and by the way, they were offering plane tickets for two extra people as well. Just the South African job in Cape Town.

    Please let me know if you hear from these people. The man’s name is Hardo Ibrahim.


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