Avenir International School, Milan, Italy

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  • Keith Taylor
    9 August, 2006 at 9:45
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    Posted on behalf of Stan Moore:

    Stan received the following email after applying to this school:

    [quote]Dear Stan Moore,

    After the interview with the principal,he has finally approved your request to work with us,congratulations!!!! You are already one of us.Out of eighty two people that applied for this position,you are among the 6 lucky people that are chosen.

    With this new positive development,we have attached a work contract to further authenticate and solidify the acceptance.Kindly print it out fill in your name at the appropriate spaces,sign and return it immediately,It has a vital role to play in this

    Meanwhile,you have been advised to make a refundable deposit of 500 US dollars to enable us commence necessary arrangement for your arrival. This is indeed a commitment fee,though we may be spending much money for your arrival, the commitment fee will enable us to know the level of seriousness in you. We wouldnt like to commence the processing without getting this deposit from you.It will give us more courage to spend,our time,energy and money on your behalf.

    Most international schools in this city have spent much money in order to invite teachers,at last some of these teachers declined the offer,could you imagine,after spending money for them,they rejected the offer saying, they have gotten a better paid job somewhere. That is why the school authorities have unianimously agreed to collect this deposit,when the teacher arrives ,it will be given back to him/her.

    This payment has to be made immediately to our school Headquaters in London UK.
    Kindly address the payment to

    NEIL THOMPSON (he is incharge of the school’s finance), Avenir International School,43 Grays Inn Road,London WCIX8LT,United Kingdom through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.

    As soon as the payment is made,do not forget to equip us with the details of the sent fund,eg transfer control number,test question and answer etc. Please send details to NEIL THOMPSON, email:aisfinance@yahoo.co.uk,you can reach him through this number +447024021787 or+447024091405

    Remember,we shall send you an air ticket,invitation letter and other necessary documents through DHL courier services to your door after the processing.

    Bearing in mind that nothing of value is commpletely free(though your funds will be refunded upon arrival)do not feel uncomfortable when we request fund for committment,remember that inviting a teacher is never an easy task,it involves
    patients,energy,time,understanding,trust and money.

    Oncemore,you are advised to send the data of your passport,(passport number)and the name of the particular airport( your take off point),to enable us purchase your air ticket without error.

    As soon as our financial director from London informs us that your payment has been confirmed,we shall commence every arrangement to ensure that you start work at the appropriate time.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Warm regards,

    Sebastino Magnani[/quote]

    Most reputable schools do not request money from applicants. If you would like more information, please contact Stan at dreamstoshare@hotmail.com.

    14 August, 2006 at 18:31
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    Reply To: Avenir International School, Milan, Italy

    I just received the exact same letter that you received, Stan….word for word…I’m still in shock and very disappointed.

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