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Assumed Knowledge Asking, giving, understanding directions

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  • pumuckle
    5 April, 2009 at 10:37
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    I am in need of help with this topics below and was wondering if what I have written makes any sense and if I am on the right track? I would deeply appreciate any form of advice to this topic, please. I seem to be lost in translation….

    The topic, Asking for, giving and understanding directions. Elementry, adult group of 8.

    Thank you.

    Assumed Knowledge : Students at this level should have some knowledge of
    Preposition of place and common locations in a town.

    Language for giving directions

    It is next to the *****(eg building name)
    It is across from **** (eg Building name/Street/ Place)

    E.g It’s on Oak Street, next to the hospital
    It’s on 3rd Avenue, across from the park

    Anticipated Problems : Giving unclear directions
    Using the wrong prepositions (eg next to *** instead of on the
    right of ****)
    Unable to read a map correctly

    Solutions : Revise briefly prepositions of place and locations in the town
    Encourage students to make sentences by asking for directions and
    giving directions to several landmarks via role play.
    Writing some prepositions to give directions on the white board.
    Encourage students to give clear and precise directions of where a place is located.during role play
    Students write and read directions from the school, located in town, to
    various locations around the school.

    Preparation and Aids : Individual map for students of the town, large map of the town
    (for the white board), white board, markers, pictures of
    places/landmarks (eg bank, hospital, garden. post office),
    transperancy and overhead projector. Cloze activity
    worksheet for homework.

    10 April, 2009 at 11:44
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    Reply To: Assumed Knowledge Asking, giving, understanding directions

    Hi, it would be good to have a context for this! My guess (going on the plan headings) is that you’re doing a Cert course of some sort.
    Maybe you need to think about language we actually use when giving directions.. You seem to be focusing on describing locations.
    "Well, let’s see, you need to go straight on down here and then take the (ordinal numbers) on the left. At the lights, cross over and follow the road for about 500 yards, I think there’s a bank on the corner and you need to turn right there. The xxx is just there." And other similar language..

    A common and effective way to practise this function is to have 2 identical maps with differing buildings marked. So sts in pairs have to ask and answer to find their way from a common start point and then mark in the ‘new’ buildings. At the end they compare to see if their directions were accurate.
    But remember.. students rarely need to give directions in English – they need to be able to ask for and understand them! This is a point many course book authors have forgotten.
    Hope this helps!

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