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Advice Need – Summer TEFL jobs and online

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  • SR
    5 April, 2019 at 13:32
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    Hi All.

    I’m from South Africa and I have just completed a 300 hour online TEFL course.

    I have started to look for summer TEFL jobs abroad but getting no where…
    I would love to pay for these programs and internships from my research done you are well looked after and paying for their services but I simply just cannot afford it.

    This is the first time I am wanting to do something like this and I have personal commitments early next year so I feel a short term or summer contract will be fit for me and I’m extremely interested to the peruse this. I have been applying for so many vacancies and a few agencies got back to me only when reading they reviews people have had such bad experiences and are treated poorly, paid really low and not to mention the hidden costs.

    What I am asking is for advice for any reputable agency that I can get into contact with for a short term contract or summer jobs where I won’t have to pay an arm and a leg? I was looking so forward to try this out begin a adventure and to travel but I just can’t seem to get anywhere!

    Now I got myself interested in the online teaching. I’m seriously thinking about leaving my job to pursue online field if I don’t come right with a short term contract or summer job abroad.
    There is so many of these agencies as well which one is the best?
    Is the online platform worth it if I commit myself to teach online for 2-3 months and then maybe pay for the programs abroad?
    Or to commit until December and possibly get paid well?
    Can you teach English online to European countries? (I haven’t found any as yet?) Chinese Timezones and South Africa’s are wide apart are and I need to respect those I live with in terms if waking up 2am etc.

    Next year I will be teaching in a school so I’m looking for something from now until then that I will enjoy go on adventure and save if I can, preferred option is to travel abroad short term. I am open to the online aspect for the possible free time and if it offers a good pay thats stable until next year.

    I’m nervous and reluctant as this is my first time wanting to travel abroad alone and to make a change so some guidance will truly be appreciated.

    14 May, 2019 at 3:50
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    As a general rule of thumb, European students prefer to take English classes in-person so there isn’t a huge demand for online tuition. If you are wanting to teach English online then Asia should be your go-to focus.

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