Reviews of schools

If you are reading a negative post about a school, agency or teacher training centre, remember that you are reading one person’s individual view.

Many negative reviews that you read are undoubtedly true and can provide valuable information and warnings that can help you in making an informed decision about that organisation.

Some negative reviews, however, may be false or exaggerated, and may have been posted as a result of misunderstandings between the school/agency and an individual teacher.

Remember also that management of schools changes, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Good or bad reviews posted a year or two ago may not reflect the current situation at a school.

The moderators of this forum have between them worked for nearly 20 language schools in 10 different countries. Some of these schools were great, others not so great. In every one of them some teachers were happy, others were not so happy. In nearly every one of them a teacher left under less than happy circumstances during the time that we were there, even from “great” schools.

The inevitable result of allowing everyone to freely express their views in forums such as these (which we strongly believe in) is that some people will abuse that privilege. So please remember when reading reviews that just because someone writes something, whether positive or negative, it does not necessarily mean that it is true.

You should always use your own judgement and common sense, bear in mind the points above, and try to verify the information from other sources before taking it at face value.

Thanks for reading!

The Eslbase team.