Adult B2 Book recommendations

M_and_M, 24 June, 2014 Hi everyone, I have a B2 (Upper intermediate) adult ESL student who’s going on holidays soon and asked me for some book recommendations to read over the summer. I’m a new teacher (started teaching in April), and have no idea what would be apt for her level. She likes reading fiction; … Read more

Advanced Improv games/activities

Chris Westergaard, 20 April, 2012 Using Improvisational games/activities/exercises can be a lot of fun in the classroom and are great linguistic training opportunities. Most activities in language classes deal with students presenting some kind of pre-thoughtout discourse. The problem with this is that speaking in real life is not as planned. Using Improv will help … Read more

How do I plan a first TEFL lesson / assessment session with a one to one student?

flyeogh, 18 March, 2017 The situation: Mature student who has studied very informally over 15 years. She understands simple one to one conversations. But I doubt knows anything detailed about grammar elements/structure. And certainly makes many simple errors – i.e. she has accumulated a lot but perfected little I would say sums it up. However … Read more

Aviation English as ESP?

nealius, 9 March, 2013 Hi everyone, I am working on a Masters in ESL, which includes TEFL certification, and I would like to teach Aviation English but I can’t find any information about teaching Aviation English or any other ESP, and I am completely clueless on what requirements I need to get a job as … Read more

Best Tense to Describe a Photo

Mihan, 5 January, 2016 I often use photos to teach vocabulary but I’m not sure about the best verb tense to describe the events captured by a photo yet. If I use the present continuous and the photo contains some time reference to the past (an event they know has happened in the past) this … Read more

Callan Method teaching

saintnic, 17 May, 2007 I am currently developing several language schools across London where we are using the Callan Method to teach. I would be interested to hear others experience and opinions of the Callan Method. Our website is kol, 6 September, 2007 I recently saw it in action at a workshop I attended … Read more

Can I TRULY teach English in Cambodia without a degree?? What is the truth??

Anthony, 19 August, 2016 I went from Thailand, to Myanmar, to Cambodia in my consideration of where I should go to teach English. Currently, I am seriously considering flying halfway around the world, changing my entire life and leaving behind everyone and everything that I know, to do just that. Is this a practical plan … Read more

Celta Pre Interview Task

peroxwhygen, 3 March, 2009 Good afternoon, I have applied for the CELTA course at my local college in Ireland. I have an interview on Friday morning and I have to complete a pre-interview task and bring it with me. I was wondering if someone could correct my answers and give me some feedback. Any help … Read more

Concept Check Questions

Johny, 12 August, 2015 Hey! I’m having a lesson on Thursday and I need to know if these CCQ’s are good. If I had won the lottery, I’d travel around the world: Have I won the lottery? Is it possible in my imagination? Is it probable that I win the lottery? Keith, Moderator, 12 August, … Read more