Teach English in Kuwait

Teach English in Kuwait

Teach English in Kuwait – the following answers are from English teachers who have taught, or currently teach English in Kuwait.

Do I need a degree to teach English in Kuwait?

“If you teach for a Western or European school, yes. If you teach for a private institution, not always. You receive more pay if you have a Bachelors and beyond.”

Do I need a TEFL qualification and/or experience?

A CELTA or equivalent plus one to three years experience are typical requirements.

What are the visa requirements?

Language schools normally take care of the visa process, which can include a criminal background check in your country of origin.

When is the best time of year to look for work?

The best time to find work is February to March, either through adverts online or by applying directly to schools.

What kind of salary can I expect?

“820 KD (about US$ 3000) depending on the region but only in schools that specify America or British in their names.”

What kind of teaching schedule can I expect?

“Split shifts may occur in private companies as well as working on the weekend. Sunday to Thursday 7am to 2:30pm otherwise.”

Are there opportunities for private teaching?

“Yes, by posting an advert online.”

What about the cost of living?

a meal in an average restaurant 1-3 KD
a month’s rent 500 KD for Western style accommodation, including all utility and internet bills

What about internet access?

“Internet is cheap and usually provided by the landlord and included in the rent.”

What’s the best way to find accommodation?

“Language schools provide accommodation or a housing allowance of no more than 200 Kuwaiti Dinar.”

The following are more general comments from English teachers who have taught, or currently teach English in Kuwait.

Make sure to have all documents legalized for foreign travel in your country BEFORE coming to Kuwait. This means first by the state government that issued the document then the federal government in Washington DC then by the Kuwaiti consulate in your region. This includes criminal background record (clean), health check, all degrees, birth certificates, marriage licenses and school records if you are bringing children who will not be home schooled.

Kamal, 12 October 2011


You must bring a medical report, police clearance report, and verification of highest degree attained. Kuwaitis insist that the police report be verified by the State Dept. for visa purposes. State Dept. has no way to verify that the police report is genuine, but Q80s insist on playing this game. Right now, they are stalling on my civil ID card and sitting on my paperwork. It’s the best way to provoke a work slowdown from the teacher.

Anton chigurh, 25 March 2013


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  1. Bryan Keith

    Hi Good Day
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  2. Virgil

    Hi my name is Virgil. Me and my family are currently busy with a TEFL course.
    We loved to relocate and worked as English teachers in Kuwait if anyone has information
    or are busy teaching English in Kuwait info will be much appreciated.

    Thank you in Advance

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