Teach English in Jordan

Teach English in Jordan

Teach English in Jordan – the following comments are from English teachers who have taught, or currently teach English in Jordan.

I lived in Jordan for two years. It’s a desert climate, hot in the day and windy and chilly at night. Jordan is always entertaining, the most exciting place to be is the outdoor markets. If you want to feel more at home, try visiting West Amman, where you can find all the north american stores and franchises. You should drink bottled water, pack a lot of sandals and foot files because heels get cracked! Most importantly, be friendly and modest then people will really respect you, like anywhere else in the world. Jordanians love to celebrate even the smallest things and weddings are big and festive. Accommodation, travelling, and clothes can be expensive.

Neme, 1 November 2008


Jordan is an amazing place to live and one of the most peaceful countries in the region. There are many ESL schools – but the small ones are not worth bothering about. Be especially wary of the American ESL Centre (University Street) as they don’t pay teachers for their work. Big names such as Berlitz, British Council and Bell Amman are good places to start and pay decently. Although Jordan is an expensive place to live, you can find decently cheap accommodation through expatriate websites.

Anonymous, 13 November 2012


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