Teach English in Egypt

Teach English in Egypt

Teach English in Egypt- the following comments are from English teachers who have taught, or currently teach English in Egypt.

I teach adult classes in a private language/computer courses centre, and I would say that the best thing about teaching English in Egypt, is the students. 99 per cent of them are extremely keen and well motivated since they need English in order to get a good job.

The weather is hot and humid from May to September and at night the buildings release the heat they have collected during the day into the apartments, so air-conditioning is essential. However, apartments for rent are plentiful and the nicer ones are usually available to foreigners only.

I have lived in Egypt for many years now as my husband is Egyptian, and I would say that it is one of the few countries in the world where people of different religions integrate freely with each other, often living in the same districts, even the same buildings. Religion is an important part of the culture, and so teachers (especially non-believers) should respect the fact that their students will be probably be deeply religious regardless of whether they are Muslim or Christian. It is also important to follow a modest dress code – in most places bare tummies or low necklines will cause some raised eyebrows and maybe even complaints.

I was surprised to see that frequent earthquakes occur according to the country information (The World Factbook). We have the occasional earth tremor, but have only had two quakes including the big one of 1992.

In short, Egypt is a rewarding place in which to work, an economical country in which to live but unfortunately salaries are not large. The best places to work are probably the British Council, International House or possibly teaching IGCSE or the American SATs in some of the more expensive private schools.

The people are very friendly and, of course, there are many monuments to see beside the pyramids, as well as great diving off the Red Sea coast.

Lorna, 5 December 2005


I am an Egyptian English instructor. I teach business English, conversation and technical writing. Working as an English instructor here in Egypt is fun! Most Egyptians here like foreigners and they like to talk to them in English. Weather is pretty good, Summer is very hot but if you have an air conditioner, you will not feel this. People are friendly, prices are good, and there are many interesting places to visit.
Sherif Maher on 5 April 2008

Aisha,13 Feb 2012


I am currently thinking about moving to Egypt to teach English. I have worked abroad before (in Europe and Asia) and am looking forward to experiencing a new culture. However, I am slightly concerned about the growth of conservative islam in a country that until the 1970s was very liberal and open. I have no problem with people adhering to a religion but am worried that as a liberal, non-religious woman, I may not fit in or be able to integrate fully into the culture. I am highly aware that what you read in newspapers and see on TV can be hugely misrepresented so am hoping to get some info from those who are already there, ‘from the horse’s mouth’ so to speak, both foreign and Egyptian. Thanks.

Anonymous, 15 July 2008


Be warned that contracts with schools and non reputable Institutes are not worth the paper they are written on. Since the revolution you need to be careful about working without a work visa. It is illegal to work without one, but in the past no one checked up on it and repeated tourist visas were granted – at a price. Hence the problem recently with NGOs working without work visas. Egypt is very safe, but frenetic and unpredictable. On the whole, foreigners are extremely well treated. However, if you work, you need to be sensitive to the culture and respect that not everyone wants a western life style.

Aisha, 13 Feb 2012


I am wondering if anyone can tell me about the social scene in Egypt. I am looking to teach overseas and have recieved a job offer to teach English in Egypt. I have read many wonderful things about living and working in Egypt, but not much about what life is like socially. I am a 23 year old female and enjoy going out with friends on weekend, and drinking, dancing. Is there the possibility to do such things in Egypt? Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!

Sarah, 18 May 2013


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  1. Mureeda

    Hi, I am a divorced mom, heard very nice reviews of teaching in Egypt. I have a TESOL, but no degree, currently working full time and studying towards a degree.

    Can anyone direct me in the right direction to applying or is there a possibility of applying directly to a school?

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