Teach English in Cyprus

Teach English in Cyprus

Teach English in Cyprus- the following comments are from English teachers who have taught, or currently teach English in Cyprus.

Cyprus is now part of the European Union so getting a job here is much easier. However to work in a regular school you must have a degree in English as well as your TEFL qualification. There are hundreds of afternoon institutes and these are always looking for English teachers, especially native speakers. Do make contact with some before you come as there is quite a lot of competition. English is widely spoken in Cyprus so that makes it easier for a newcomer, food and amenities are not so different to be upsetting but the weather is great most of the year. Major drawback salaries are pretty low! Good Luck.

Cathy, 27 November 2005


Expect to make around 800-1000 cypriot pounds per month, but you get paid on a 13 month schedule.

Anonymous, 30 November 2009


There is a serious shortage of teaching jobs in Cyprus now, even with private institutes and the cost of living is very high compared to a few years ago. Best advice:don’t come looking for work unless you have plenty of cash reserves!

Martin, 10 November 2010


There are plenty of afternoon institutes and they are actively looking for English teachers but they are literally paying peanuts. If teaching is a passion and you have another source of income then do come as Cyprus is a beautiful island.

Anonymous, 22 June 2011


Currently I live in Cyprus. I have BA and MA degrees. I have all TEFL certificates and it is really difficult to find a job because most of the time the schools here want you to speak Greek, which is not a MUST when you have TEFL and teach English. Really disappointed.

Katrin, 28 Sep 2013


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