Teach English in Croatia

Teach English in Croatia

Teach English in Croatia – the following comments are from English teachers who have taught, or currently teach English in Croatia.

Croatia is a beautiful country, full of people that are hardworking and very kind. They are improving rather well after the war, and are becoming more and more americanised, (unfortunately) for they have a beautiful culture, their arts, food, and just the way of life is very interesting and very sociable. It may be hard to start working there because people are still trying to up their way of living but the pay is enough to keep you living from month to month. There are some diverse ways of life, from the Adriatic coast and tourism to farming, industry, and education. There are smart people, with some great minds at work to keep up with the rest of the world.

Anonymous, 15 July 2007


If anyone is interested in just how good the education system is, just look at the city of Zagreb and its university to the small town of Garesnica and how well established and rich in educational history it is. Look up Garesnica and find information on their school and how it was one of the first schools in Croatia to start busing students, making sure that children from surrounding areas had an easier time getting to school, and this was in the 60s. There was a teacher named Dusan Delic, who played an instrumental part in increasing the bar of education in Croatia, and he is from Garesnica. The retail and marketing are also very modern and it is not hard to find a variety of products from all over the world in their stores and markets. If you love old world with modern conveniences you will LOVE Croatia.

Radmila, 26 October 2007


I was in Croatia some time ago (around 1997). I found it to be one of the most hospitable, warm, beautiful and genuinely friendly places I have ever been. If the opportunity arose, and it was financially feasible, I would definitely return there to teach.

Karen, 5 December 2010


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  1. Ana

    It certainly is a rich country with beautiful and strong people. As a European citizen, educator and female traveller I DO recommend Croatia. I’ve also visited Yugoslavia and I know all the countries except Albania as it was I’m possible to enter the Mother Teresa’s country 37 years ago.

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