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teach english in canada

Teach English in Canada – the following comments are from English teachers who have taught, or currently teach English in Canada.

Getting an ESL teaching job in Toronto is not that difficult if you have the proper qualifications (minimum: TESL certification). However, living comfortably from 15-30 hours of pay per week may not be easy! Wherever the majority of jobs are (such as Toronto), the living costs may be high. Expect $20/hour as starting pay, and work hard. There are many qualified English teachers, so competition is high.

I’ve been working in downtown Toronto, pretty much full-time for the past 8 months. I am grateful for this opportunity at a private language school. At this time one year ago, I was in South Korea teaching. Canada is a much more comfortable place for me despite the colder weather!

Local ESL teacher, 14 Oct 2014


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    hello my name is Madiagne Diakhate i live in Senegal West African am a student in master 2 i study english and specialized in African literature and postcolonial studies i really would like to teach there at Canada just to fufill my dream as a great teacher thanks

  2. Christina Tsintikidou

    Canada constitutes one of my greatest and highest expectations that I would very much like to accomplish as an EFL teacher. It is a country that provides you both with career prospects and a really respectable quality of life. Let me introduce myself and give you some of my most interesting traits as an instructor. In the first place, I started teaching English quite experimentally in 2008, because I was trying to discover what appeals to me and then English came out of blue. From the very first moment I truly knew that this would be my job forever and I wanted to teach every single moment. So I started as a tutor in all levels, taking into consideration all the difficulties included. Then I have thought of creating some kind of foundation, in order to evolve as a teacher and attain high professional goals, that’s why I started my MA program after my BA studies of course. The domain was teaching of English to second language learners and at that moment I appreciated inductive types of teaching, differentiated learning and omission of any deductive/rote learning.

    Throughout the years, I considered the idea of moving abroad, because I would have the potential to get in touch with techniques or standards that could make the difference. As a result,I attended the intensive CELTA certificate at the British Council in Athens. Concerning my teaching background, I have taught English to 3 language schools so far, mainly centred on young learners, students preparing for exams and some little experience in a pre-junior level. However, I cannot disrespect and not refer to my 6-hour teaching experience with lots of cultural differences and educational levels at the British Council, while completing the unexpectedly useful but intensive program “CELTA”. Last but not least, I have been accepted at a British summer school and I am teaching English to young learners in the UK, a role that is both demanding and amusing, since you cater for students’ needs not only educationally but also socially and mentally. I really hope to be given some teaching experience abroad/overseas to prove that I am a really devoted and knowledgeable teacher and it is worth contributing to my further development as a teacher.

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