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Hi everybody. I have been a teacher of english in Algeria for more than 20 years. I haven’t stopped loving my job. I believe that teaching english here, especially in secondary school, has improved. English teachers are known in Algeria for being very serious and very motivated. To have a better and clearer idea about this, please visit our site: www.eltalgeria.webs.com
Sara, 11 Mar 2010

English teachers in Algeria need training. They need to improve their own level of English and learn more modern methods of teaching, especially with regards to teaching large classes. The biggest problem is the teachers’ mistaken belief that the problem is the system and the students’ behavior. The reason students misbehave is because their teachers have not been empowered sufficiently to facilitate their learning. Teaching is helping children to find out how they learn best, and to encourage individual growth. Ongoing professional teacher training together with advanced language learning/practice is the only solution. This can be accomplished by the teachers themselves organizing workshops, inviting English native speakers and teaching professionals to join them, and working together to make a change.
Laura, 15 Mar 2010

I want to say that English teachers in Algeria are doing their best to improve teaching English but they are facing a lot. They don’t receive any training or scholarships. Other languages like French for example is encouraged by France but English is left to teachers who were poorly educated. We need real training and why not scholarships in the UK or the USA?
Amara Naimi, 29 Mar 2011

Teaching English in Algeria is very difficult. Teachers face many problems: large classes and class management, absence of communication, lack of teaching materials… Not only is the atmosphere not appropriate to teach English but the actual program does not satisfy the teaching aims and learners’ needs.
Amina, 25 Apr 2011

Frankly speaking, our problem in Algeria is that no one can guide teachers, even inspectors. They just criticise and never give solutions because, simply, they don’t know. We all know that there is no magic recipe for teaching English but some basic facilities are SO NECESSARY to know how to teach such a language perfectly. If the inspector himself makes mistakes when speaking, how can I trust his information? We are suffering. I always try to find new methods to teach well. I wish I could do my job to perfection.
fifilife, 6 May 2011

The problem here is not the teachers but the pupils… they don’t have the capacity to learn. They always say that we will never get a job in the future so why should we learn! i.e they don’t learn for the sake of learning but for getting a gob in the future.
Halima, 19 May 2011

It’s just because our learners are not exposed to English. They only meet English in classrooms, once they’re out, they forget it!
Ibrahim, 5 Jul 2011

I totally agree with Halima and Ibrahim. Our students don’t take the English language seriously. They consider it a dead language! They think that it is just a waste of time to learn a language which they don’t need when entering university; because they will study in french.
Chouchou, 24 Jul 2011

I seriously think that Algeria, at a NATIONAL LEVEL, should abandon the French language and adopt English as the second official language. French has nothing to do in the Maghreb nowadays, teaching English would bring way more opportunities for the future of North Africans than teaching French.
Brahim, 12 Aug 2011

With all my respect to you all… the problem lies within each individual. You are all pointing the finger at others, whether it’s the government or the student! Yes, you may not have the best facilities, programs, training etc etc etc… In my opinion, the principal at every school plays the biggest role. He/she needs to stimulate the teachers first. If the teacher is dedicated, you will be amazed with the accomplishments!! The internet is huge and open to the world. Use it! Try looking at the syllabus of education in English speaking nations, which for a fact is very possible! Take online courses, or whatever it takes to improve your English. Little every day things can help improve your english eg. READING… please don’t tell me you are unable to get your hands on reading material like books, newspapers.
JE, 26 Sep 2011

Pupils are not interested to this language and in studying in general, no one is doing his job, neither the inspectors nor the academie and even the administration. Teachers are always blamed for any problems, always given deadlines and put under pressure. 99% of pupils have no respect, no level of interest in studies, and many of them were dropped from schools and turn back to illegal ways.
Brahim, 12 Aug 2011

Hello every body, I don’t really know how to start to speak about this topic because there are so many things to say and most of them are not very encouraging. Teaching (in general) in Algeria is suffering from many problems due to many reasons. As a young teacher of English in a high school, I am extremely disappointed at all levels. I spent 5 years to train to become a teacher.

Pupils are not interested to this language and in studying in general, no one is doing his job, neither the inspectors nor the academie and even the administration. Teachers are always blamed for any problems, always given deadlines and put under pressure. 99% of pupils have no respect, no level of interest in studies, and many of them were dropped from schools and turn back to illegal ways.

The image of a teacher for Algerians is very bad and pupils have no respect, teacher=enemy who prevents them from moving forward (especially for those who have no level and don’t deserve to pass to the next level). Parents are not very involved in the learning and education of their pupils too. Last week, pupils made explosives(tnt) in class and the teacher was fired!!! Where is the dignity and the value of the teacher nowadays? During examinations, you face all kinds of insults and verbal violence like: “as if you teachers never cheated before becoming a teachers”!!!, why are you vegelitating so seriously! zaama you have professional consciousness”!!! and all kinds of provocations to end up fighting in some cases.

The professional life of English teachers, like teachers of other modules, is a desert. No scholarships abroad, no convincing salary, daily life for most is degraded and full of problems. To continue post graduate studies is impossible here, we close all doors for improvement, if anyone goes abroad to resume studies how can he come back to face such problems that are not only related to how to teach English but how to teach in such environment and conditions that encourage all things but not studying.
Lynda, 2 Dec 2011

Well, if we think learners don’t care about English we are so wrong because they do care about American movies and games that are mainly done in English, they like them and are up to date on them so really teachers need to figure out a way to exploit their interests when teaching.
Fatima, 19 Jan 2012

Unfortunately teachers like myself aren’t given neither the wages deserved nor the consideration of their great experience. They are fully and purposely ignored. In other words; a teacher with no experience is treated and paid just the same as one who has worked many years. So private schools and companies are simply money makers using the knowledge of these teachers to get wealthier, that’s the bottom line.
Abderrahim, 7 Jun 2012

Teaching English in Algeria actually faces many problems. As far as I am concerned, i think that the inadequate ministrial programmes and the lack of training and scholarship for teachers are the two main problems. If we want to go forward and improve English teaching ,we need to review the programs and to acquaint the teachers with the new teaching methods of English as a second lge…
Wafa, 26 Nov 2013

I guess the problem is a politic one. They are doing everything to prevent people in Algeria from learn English. All of them are “Francofiles” and they worship French. Look at the syllabus and you will see how things are programmed to make students hate English.
Moh, 7 Mar 2014

Teachers of English in Algeria really need more training unfortunately, those who are supposed to train teachers, i.e the so called inspectors themselves need training because they get their jobs not on merit but because of their family name and their connections with the Algerian authorities!
a.madjid, 11 Sep 2014


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  1. teaching english in algeria is very difficult because pupils never make efforts and search for much information about it.they always depand on what teachers give to them.thats why they will not be able to improve their english

    • no you are totaly wrong and i can’t go with you at all in this point, in that i am one of the students for whom english is her cup of tea so i make a lot of efforts in order to improve my english such as watching films, listening to music , singing ……and many many other things. Besides, my dream is to speak english fluently so how can i depand on what you teachers give us at school since you just give us lessons i mean you just focus on grammar and vocabulary ? how about the other skills ( especially speaking and listening).

  2. Some people think that English is not supported by the authorities in Algeria and that is true. But, let us ask this question: Since the role of teachers is to change their learners’ minds, can they orientate their learners to be open-minded and simply use the internet to discover what English is, so that they get motivated to learn it? If the answer is Yes, they can, then comes the role of teachers. Thank you all.

  3. Could anyone give an idea about how much English teachers make in Algeria, especially TEFL qualified.

  4. Dear all ,
    I would like to comment about a post I have seen . The post throws a big part of blame on teachers I don’t know why , the one who posted should pay attention and keep an eye on his/her mistakes I am talking about Sara comment or post .
    The biggest issue in discussing teaching methods in general and English language teaching in specific arent discussed objectively I have see each one of you blow it in his/her own trumpet . Algerian do love spicy discussion .
    If you aren’t able to write a post without mistakes I guess you should first throw blame on ur self as a teacher Sara

  5. Dear all,

    Teaching English in Algeria has to change. When I was in Secondary School I hated English because of they way I have been taught, now I live in London and I work as a Teaching Assistant and I teach phonics, support pupils in Guided reading and Literacy. I love teaching.
    The task has to be differentiated according to the students’ availability.
    In Algeria working as Teaching Assistant is boring in state Schools, just dealing with paper work, I did not know that I have knowledge and skills until I started working in Primary School and I am glad so.


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