Teach English in Afghanistan

Teach English in Afghanistan

Teach English in Afghanistan – the following comments are from English teachers who have taught, or currently teach English in Afghanistan.

There is work in Afghanistan, but you should keep in mind the security issues. There is an English program at the American University. It’s a buyers market for humanitarian working NGOs.

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2008


There is certainly little dialogue for Western teachers who have experience in Afghanistan. Please visit our blog, www.teachinginafghanistan.com and share your thoughts for those of us going for the first time.

Kathy, 16 Nov 2009


Get ready for some “hard” living when you go anywhere in Afghanistan as an instructor/teacher. The people are some of the most friendly in Asia and reminds me of living in Thailand. The number one issue, of course, is security. That can be a “REAL” issue…housing in not a problem and food is great.

LTS, 6 Apr 2010


I’m teaching writing to Afghan high schoolers. More reading would help tremendously. But getting kids reading in English is a real challenge. First, there’s not a culture of reading so getting the habit going is difficult. Secondly, verbal skills in English are often far different from reading level, so getting the right books for the student’s level is hit-and-miss. Finally, books for children in English are hard to find. But somehow many students shine despite it all.

Axel, 28 Dec 2010


Teaching English in Afghanistan is a really rewarding experience. Aside from the obvious security issues, (and I had no problems with this myself), I found the Afghan people to some of the friendliest I have ever encountered. In fact, when I told people I had come to Afghanistan to teach, I was afforded the greatest respect. The best tool in your teaching box has to be a good sense of humour. Afghans love to laugh! Get to know the country and your local community, and what you will find is an extremely resilient race of people, most of whom are curious to know about the outside world. If you like football (soccer), whether male or female, you will have friends for life.

Lotti, 27 Oct 2014


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