Once upon a time… Narrative tenses and story writing activity

This is a downloadable ESL activity to practise using narrative tenses to write a story in English.

Narrative tenses and writing activity

Download this activity for free!

Here’s some more info about the activity:

Language point Narrative tenses

Aim To practise writing a story

Activity Students use random words to write a story.
Organisation Pair work or group work
Preparation Make one copy of the activity. Cut up the words.
What do I do?
  1. Put students into pairs or groups.
  2. Groups pick five words at random.
  3. Groups write a story containing the five words and using narrative tenses.
  4. Optional: Give students the first and/or last sentence of the story, e.g. “It was a cold, stormy night…” or “It was love at first sight…”

Download this activity for free!

Keith Taylor
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