Young learners

Kids' games

Teaching Children Grammar Through Games

A simple game for ESL and EFL teachers to teach or revise grammar, vocabulary or spelling with groups of children.
Motivated kids

Motivating Children to Learn English

Six tips to keep children interested in class and motivated to do what you want them to do.
Controlling a large ESL class

Staying in Control of a Large Class

If you have a large class you need a few things up your sleeve to bring the class into line immediately if things get a little over-heated.
Teaching Young Learners

Teaching Grammar with Fun Learning Games

How does it work, you ask. Well, there has been a movement away from the traditional methods of teaching English grammar through writing, rewriting and worksheets […]
Preschool ESL stories

Using Stories in the Preschool ESL Classroom

Do you want to start using stories in the preschool ESL classroom but don't know where to start?
Teaching child one to one

How to Teach a Child English One to One

The key to teaching children in one to one classes is having a substantial repertoire of games and songs, as well as a strong sense of fun.
Kids ESL

Teaching ESL To Children

Teaching ESL to children is challenging but also very rewarding. Before I walk into a class of 10-year olds, I take a deep breath. Children have […]