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James Bond lesson plan – infinitives of purpose

To tie in with the recent release of Skyfall, here’s a Bond-based lesson plan using scenes from Daniel Craig’s first outing as Bond, Casino Royale. The lesson is designed for an intermediate level class and works on so that… and … Continue reading

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Dream up a dream – questions and narrative tenses

This activity can be used either as a warmer or as a practice activity for forming yes/no questions, and/or reported questions, and/or narrative tenses. It is suitable for group classes at elementary level upwards. Start by telling one student (let’s … Continue reading

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Writing – Story grids

We’re focusing on writing this week, with an activity that requires minimal preparation and can be used as a filler, as written practice of a particular grammatical structure, or to practise writing in different

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Passengers – a personalised listening activity

Personalisation of activities is important in any lesson. Learners tend to be more engaged and motivated if they have a reason for doing an activity beyond just “to find the answers” – if they can interact with a listening text, … Continue reading

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Used to lesson plan

In our first post we’re going to outline a lesson plan for used to. ┬áThis is a one hour lesson suitable for intermediate level learners. It uses a listening text to set the context for eliciting the target language. Let’s … Continue reading

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