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Employer claiming to be Happy Child Independent School (1 post)

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Posted on 30 Mar 2010 18:20
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Adverts have recently been posted by someone claiming to represent the Happy Child Independent School. Using a genuine school's name in this way has been done before, for example here.

We are the Happy child independent school and also located at 1 Aston Road, Ealing London W5 2RL will hereby seek for an experience teacher on this student subject ,English ,Economics ,Mathematics ,Social studies ,Language teacher ,music teacher and we also be given the apply teachers free accommodation here in the school premises so that it can be comfortable for them. The Happy child independent school management is ready to pay the sum of 900pounds per month as there salary. We take these views very seriously and are constantly trying to improve in these areas. There is a lot of evidence to show we are succeeding in meeting these expectations and we are striving to build further on their achievements. To do this we are constantly using feedback from our learners that is used to inform our practice.

About the accommodation.......
You shall have a private accommodation with furnished bedroom and also a
Private bathroom .A Fixed Telephone and Internet .Also the school will be responsible for your taxes.
If you are interested in this offer you can send your CV to our email address (Info.happyindependentschool.edu@gmail.com).We await your soonest response.

The Management of,
Happy child independent school Teams.
We await your quick response

happy child independent school
1 Aston Road, Ealing London W5 2RL
W5 2RL
United Kingdom

The list of warning signs is long:

1. Fairly obviously bad English
2. The address repeats "Ealing" and the postcode - UK addresses do not work like this!
3. The email address is a free account, rather than matching the domain happychild.co.uk
4. On the genuine school's website, www.happychild.co.uk, there is no mention of the vacancies being advertised
5. The sentence containing "...and also located at" on the first line of the advert is suspiciously similar to a sentence in the scam posted about here.

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