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Via Lingua provides international TEFL certificate courses in many of the world’s most popular teaching destinations.


Take the CELTA in Istanbul

ITI is the only Cambridge teacher training centre approved for the CELTA and Delta courses in Istanbul.

TEFL courses in Turkey

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Take the CELTA in Istanbul. ITI is a Cambridge teacher-training centre and the only one approved for the CELTA and DELTA courses in Turkey.

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Take our TEFL Course in one of over 20 locations worldwide. Includes 130 hours of expert tuition with 10 hours of assessed teaching practice.

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TEFL / TESOL certificate, 120 hours, 4 weeks, 1500 EUR

CELTA, 120 hours, 1200 GBP

CELTA, 120 hours, 4 weeks, 1200 GBP
ICELT, 120 hours
YL Extension CELTA, 2 weeks, 600 GBP
MA in TESOL, 6950 GBP
TEFL / TESOL certificate, 120 hours, 4 weeks, 1275 EUR

CELTA, 120 hours, 1000 GBP