Teaching English in Albania


The following comments are from English teachers who have taught, or are currently teaching English in Albania.

While living in Albania just embrace it! Love the people and accept the culture. Eat as much akullore and fasule as you can!

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2008

One of the most exciting and memorable times of my life. I was hesitant to go to a country which didn’t seem safe according to the US State Department. However, many people that had previously gone had such a great time and convinced me to go. I went, I saw, I loved, and I lived. Albania will always be in my heart and I shall return many times. I advise anyone to visit! The people are friendly and hospitable. I was amazed at how I was treated and respected. Good luck! Or as they say in SHQIP, PERSHENDETJE! (greetings).

James Graham, 10 Nov 2010

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